This site is dedicated to the “songwriter”, in hopes of Producing wealth to repay and reward them for their seemingly tireless efforts and mental perception in setting words to music. It is intended to recognize and acknowledge each individual as a SONGWRITER!

We plan to promote songs to potential users throughout the world: record, film and television, retail stores and theatrical producers.

Our distribution at Tunes Music Store,,,, and many more will be used to make your association with CROSS MY HEART PBG an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

“Fear Knocked at the door, faith answered, and no one was there”. A little girl gave me this saying when I first started singing.


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Many publishers will not release their original sound tracts for sale. Here are our original sound tracts from our CD's “If Jesus Had a Guitar”, and "Gold In Turner Falls River". You can download one song or order the CD complete with all eight songs. Please request permission if you plan to record any of the songs.

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If Jesus Had a Guitar (Music Only)

Gold in Turner Fall River (Music Only)

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